Greenwoods cottage Greenwoods cottage is a ideal place for the foreign backpackers and family to stay in a spice plantation as well to see how the spices grown & harvest.There are beautiful country walk to enjoy. The cottage is not on the main road, situated about 50 meters from the main path to keep you away from pollution. The rooms are neat, clean & airy with balcony.The misty morning & evening from the balcony will makes you to stay more.Those who would like to stay in the nature and away from town will love surely.

The Greenwoods has two buildings, one is in the bottom of the hill which has large deluxe double room and family room.The other one is in the up hill has deluxe double rooms.

Greenwoods cottage located in Anachal  (towards Cochin direction) well connected by road  and about 10kms away from Munnar.

Greenwoods Cottages Bottom Hill
(Large deluxe double room 140 square feets)
Greenwoods Cottage Down Hill
(Family room 220 square feets)
Greenwoods Cottage Up Hill
(Deluxe room 110 square feets)